Five Months

This is a little overdue, but Malayna recently turned 5 months.

It is so hard to believe next month she will be 6 months (half a year old)!!!  One of the biggest updates on the May-May front is her cranial specialist appointment.  She had to get her head re-checked by the cranial specialist for her head flattening (due to sleeping on her back).  A lot of babies heads fix on their own as they get older and begin rolling over more and are not on their backs as much.  We are happy to report (as of now) she does not need a helmet to fix the noggin!! This was a huge answer to prayer and we are thankful to God for answering it!  Her head has rounded out quite a bit and all her measurements and pictures showed she is improving and does not need any intervention.

She has started to finally enjoy tummy time so that is nice.  She is actually choosing now to play on her tummy and is rolling over all the time.  Diaper changing has become more interesting. 🙂

We started putting her in her exersauser and she is liking it more and more everyday.

When she sleeps she likes to creep all the way to the corner and face plant herself right into the bumper and sleep.  Thankfully we got breathable bumpers.  Heres a picture of her in the morning.

She is quite a LOUD babbler.  When we are in the car she scretches so loudy.  I have no idea where she gets this loudness from? 😉

Daddy still makes her laugh the most.  Check out this video and see.  (Sadly the sound was not working the best, I think I was covering it up on accident)

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