Baby Memory Keepsake and Kitchen Updates

Lets just say I’m a sucker for shadow boxes.  I made this box as a special keepsake reminder of our honeymoon to Jamaica a few years ago.

Do you like our handprints in the sand?

Recently I saw this and had to make one for Malayna!

I put scrapbooking paper in the background.  I then put her announcement, special newborn hat she wore, hospital band, and handprint of her hand.  I love being able to see these special memories in her room.  By the way those handprints are hard to do if you’ve ever done them!

I was struggling with what I would do with this when she gets older, and Lauren recommended keeping it for Malayna and giving it to her one day when she has a baby.

Recently Sam and I have been working on several projects in the kitchen.  And when I say Sam and I, I mostly mean Sam.  🙂  Well I did make several trips to Lowes and helped paint. 😉

For quite some time we had to get a new back door due to the door rotting and leaking water.  This in turn caused the floor to rot which then caused ants to come in and destroy it.  Sweet right?!  Well we kept putting it off until recently when I walked in from outside and almost fell into the basement.  Ok I’m exaggerating some, but we did want to get our floor fixed before Malayna was crawling and before we eventually sell our house in the future.  So here is what we decide to do:

  • New back door
  • New sub floor by the back door
  • Paint kitchen walls (So long blue)
  • Redo kitchen floors
  • New White Trim
  • New kitchen shelves and lights
A special thanks to Matt and Joe for helping install the door and work on the sub floor!!!!  Sam, Matt, and Joe are so hardworking, talented, and pretty much some of the handiest men I know.  They work so hard all week long and then give of their time on the weekends.  Thanks boys!!

I LOVE our new door! We actually went from a double walk door with one being active to a patio sliding door.  We still need to paint it, but here is a picture of it.  Sorry for the poor photo.

We also went from blue to a light grey color in our kitchen.  Originally I wanted a light blue/grey color but the blue turned out way more blue.  We did not want to repaint at the time, so we just kept it.  We decided since our kitchen was already torn apart we might as well repaint.

I love the new color!  In the dining area its a little lighter than I wanted when the sun is out and shining, but in the kitchen area and with lights on at night it is exactly what I wanted.

Ahh much better

Next up hardwood floors….

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