Top 10 Baby Must Haves

My mom always jokes about how many gadgets and gizmos we have nowadays for babies.  If you haven’t been to BuyBuy Baby try just walking in there sometime and you will feel overwhelmed by bibs, bath-tubs, and diaper bags galore!

I was so grateful when I went to register that Sara was able to come with.  I pretty much handed her the gun and had her scan away.  Until you have a baby it’s so hard to know what you need to get and what is unnecessary.  Therefore, this post is dedicated to mom-to-bes or future moms out there.  I came up with a list of what has been really nice to have the past few months.  Please note I am not including things that are pretty typical like strollers, bouncers, boppy, bumbo, pack and play etc.  Why do they name everything with B’s anyway?

Here is my top 10 baby must haves…

1.  Bright Starts Hop Along Carrier Toy Bar.

This came recommended by my dear from Lora.  This has been one of the BEST toys by far that Malayna has received.  Everytime we are in the car she plays with this toy.  It keeps her entertained and for that I am grateful.  She recently started learning to push the frog eyes and play the music.

2.  Burp Cloths….LOTS OF THEM!

Sara, her mom, and grandmother made these wonderful burp cloths.  We used them a ton the first few months and still use them frequently as Malayna is quite the spitter :).  I love the cute fabric, size, and shape of them.

3.  Nail Filer.

I was told to not cut Malayna’s nails for a few weeks after birth.  However, she was born with Edward-scizzor nails and we had to file them pronto.  We used this wonderful nail filer that allows you to not worry about accidentally cutting her finger.

4.  Ergo Carrier.

I know I said this in a previous post, but I love the Ergo Carrier.  Malayna is so happy and content whenever she goes in this and sleeps very well in it.  Just tonight I had to run errands and with it being close to her bedtime  I knew she might be fussy in the carseat.  I put her in the Ergo carrier and she was so content the entire time!  It is very comfortable to wear, can be warn for kids up to 45 lbs, and can be worn on the back as well.  They also have a wonderful zipper pouch in the front that you can put keys, phone, or a wallet when walking or running errands.

5.  Mirror toy.

Babies prefer looking at faces over toys until they are older so having a mirror around is a great source of entertainment for them.  Malayna happily looks at herself in her play mirror and it helps her get in some tummy time without fussing.

6.  Itzbeen timer.

This timer has four different settings- feeding, diaper change, sleep, and other to record how long “it’s been” since baby ate or slept.  I used the other timer the first few weeks when I took ibuprofen for pain.  I used the feeding timer until about three months to know when I last fed Malayna.  It beats having to write down on paper when I last fed her.  As well as the fact that I often lose track of time.

7.  Sleep sheep

This sound machine is so nice because you can take it anywhere- grandmas house, friends house, wherever! It has four different soothing sounds they can listen to.  The only negative thing is it shuts off in 45 minutes.

8.  Monthly stickers.  

I found these on etsy and have been so nice to take pictures of Malayna each month in them.  It’s a wonderful keepsake to remember how old she is in each picture.

9.  Calendar to record important baby milestone and a keepsake box for special memories such as hospital bands, cards, hospital outfit, etc.

10.  Look up mom-to-mom, school resale events, and garage sales in your area.  You can get such great deals on baby and children stuff at such reasonable deals.  Just this past weekend I got all of these things for  around $15 total!!  I can’t wait for her to wear the two dresses I found!

My best garage sale find was this play mat for $3.  Malayna loves it and normal play mats are around $40-$60 bucks!

Is there anything you have come to love for babies around 6-12 months of age?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Baby Must Haves

  1. Don’t forget the butterfly hanging thing that Malayna loves to play with! it’s in the last photo hooked on the play mat. It has crinkly paper stuff in the wings to make noise, has mirrors on the wings and has a spot to push and it makes a squeak sound! She stays content with that toy also!

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