Four Months Old!

Happy Four Months Malayna!!

Everyday I feel like Malayna’s personality comes out more and more.  Lately she seems to be talking up a storm, especially when she gets in the car or is about to go to sleep.  I love hearing her babble!

Thanks Stephanie for my adorable M! I love it!

She still has blue eyes and our Doctor thinks they will stay that way.  I know they can change all the way up until 1 year so only time will tell!

Dada always makes her laugh the hardest (how do Dad’s always win in that area?)

Recently she discovered her toes and loves to play with them!

She had her four month check-up and all is well!  She is growing like crazy!  Our only concern is her head flattening in the back left.  Apparently she has favored this side for some time when sleeping.  We are trying to reposition her at this time and if things do not get better she will need to wear a helmet for a short period of time.  We appreciate prayers that her head would round out and she would sleep on her right side to round out the left.  We go back in early May to check on how her head has changed.

Enjoys: Using her voice (perhaps she will be a screamer like I was as a child ;)), eating, being outside, sucking her fingers, walking in the Ergo carrier, and bath time.

I highly recommend the Ergo carrier.  It is very comfortable to wear and made to not strain your back.  The first two months Malayna would always love to be carried around in it.  She instantly would stop crying and often fell asleep right away in it.  She still enjoys going in it.  Until recently, I thought the only thing I would change is that it does not face out.  However, I’ve been hearing more about how the carrier is made to face inward to give your child a sense of security.  She is still able to look around, but knows mama is right there by her side.

Hates:  Long car rides, running errands and sitting in the Costco parking lot while missing a nap and hungry (right mom ;)), and tummy time (getting a little bit better)

I love my precious niece!  I got Cecelia this toybelt onesie when Lauren saw it on Pinterest.  I had to she’s Joe’s daughter!  I love being an aunt and there is nothing quite like sharing motherhood with your sister.

Please note her adorable socks!

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