Power of a Praying Parent

Upon returning from my honeymoon over three years ago, I came home to a letter from my mom and copy of an insert from the book Power of a Praying Parent.

In the insert was a copy of the chapter on praying for your child’s spouse.  Included in it where dates and prayers in the margin that my mom spent praying for my future spouse.  Before I even met Sam, he was prayed for by mom.  My mom gave me the best gift I can think of growing up, prayer.  I am sure there were many nights she spent on her knees for Steve, Lauren, and I.

I have an even greater appreciation for this as I now pray for Malayna.  I am confident God answered many prayers from this book, including marrying Sam.

As a new mom I was hit with lots of worry about raising my daughter.  One night I decided to pick up Power of a Praying Parent and begin to read it.  Immediately, I was encouraged.  I was reminded of the truth that God loves and cares for Malayna more than I even do!  Every time I begin to worry about something, I am reminded to pray instead.

A section of the book states,

If we are not positive that God is in control of our children’s lives, we’ll be ruled by fear.  And the only way to be sure that God is in control is to surrender our hold and allow Him full access to their lives.”

The book addresses different areas of concern to pray for your children including securing protection from harm, being the person God created, and releasing my child into God’s hand.  It concludes each chapter with a prayer on that topic and bible verses relating to the verses.

I made these little verse book from the book for my friends as they had babies along with a copy of the book.  Lauren made me one for Malayna.  Its a wonderful “go to” prayer book filled with areas to pray for her.

I leave you one more insert from the book, “No matter what age our children are, releasing them into God’s hands its a sign of faith and trust in Him and is the first step toward making a difference in their lives.”

One pic of Malayna in her first pair of jeans (Thanks Halle!).  I know they are too big, but I couldn’t help but put them on her.

What do you think is the most memorable thing your parent did for you growing up?


3 thoughts on “Power of a Praying Parent

  1. Thanks for posting this, Katie. It sounds like a great book. Amelia just turned 12 and I have no idea how to wisely parent her some days. I definitely need a resource like this book to help guide me in praying for her and releasing her completely into God’s hands. Your little sweetie is so cute:).

  2. Such a precious post. You were and are such a blessing to us. So thankful for this book. Praying with scripture is so powerful. This was one of the best books I have ever read, it still is. Highly recommend it for all parents. Malayna is is the best of hands, God’s, Sam and yours.

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