Weekend Birthday Fun

This weekend was busy and lots of fun! Friday morning I enjoyed my bible study, and Malayna played with her “kissing cousin” Benjamin.

"Hey Malayna I bet you can't touch your toes like I can."

Friday night Amanda, Sam, and I went to go see October Baby. Without sharing too many details (who enjoys people who ruin movies ;)), it is about finding forgiveness and how precious and beautiful every life is. I highly recommend this movie!!  Our pre-martial couple’s son is one of the main actors, Jason, and he did a fabulous job!  Bring some tissues though!

Saturday we took a nice walk to our neighborhood pond.  Malayna wanted to go fishing, but I told her she had to wait at least another year.  She was pouting.

I then went to my friend Jenny’s baby shower!  She is due at the end of April!  Look how cute she is!  It seems like everyone pregnancy flies by (except your own ;0)

Saturday night I met up with the Bellingers and Jess at Maggianos and enjoyed a wonderful meal with great friends!  Love to be with them!!  Did you know you can get a pasta dish for $12 and take home another pasta dish FREE?! That’s two meals for $12, you can’t beat that!

Sunday was Sam’s Birthday!!  We celebrated by going to one of his favorite restaurants, Los Rancheros.

I embarrassed him by telling them it was his birthday and look what they did to him….

Anyone else worry about lice when they put on a public hat?

Everyone says that your love towards your spouse changes when you have a child, and I could not agree more.  Seeing Sam play with Malayna, hold her, get her dressed, and give her baths, makes me love him so much more.  He is always so willing to love on her all the time, and I honestly could not ask for a better partner to parent with!

I leave you with my favorite D man himself….

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