Hi everyone, welcome to ourtinynest!!  As many of you know, Malayna’s nursery is bird theme and I love “tinnny” things, so with the help of Lauren we came up with ourtinynest. With all of our family and friends who live out of state, I thought it would be fun to begin a blog on family (mostly Malayna lets face it), tasty treats, and creative touches!

To begin, here is a quick update on the last 3.5 months of our lives!  Being a mom has been such a joy. Malayna has brought me such laughter, love, and joy!!   The past three months we have been through so much together- many sleepless nights, lots of breastfeeding troubles (thankfully much better), and periods of fussiness.  God has used this time to stretch me so much and realize I can do none of it without Him.  I also am so grateful for family and friends and all their support the first few months. As many know those first few months can be difficult, and am so grateful to each and every one of you.  I especially want to thank my mom.  For every anxious phone call beginning with, “Is it normal…” to helping us at night, to walking around in the early morning hours.  I hope I am half as patient, kind, selfless, and godly woman that you are.  You always are thinking about how to serve others.  I have such a deeper appreciation for parents.  When I go out and see moms with multiple kids I often think how do they do it when I struggle to put one baby in the grocery cart.  I am sure you learn as you go!

I am so grateful that I have many friends who have had babies in the past year who have shared with me in my journey of motherhood.  It such much fun doing it together.  I am so grateful for my new niece, Cecelia Ann.  She was born a little less than 11 weeks after Malayna.  Although as of now, most of their interaction together is either eating, pooping, or sleeping, one day I envision them running around together playing house, riding bikes, and having sleepovers (sound familiar?).  Lauren quickly became the compassionate, patient, gentle, and kind mother I knew she would be!

Malayna, "Cece look over here I spot some milk." Cecelia, "Please Malayna I'm sleeping."

Thankfully breastfeeding has gotten a lot better thanks to many family and friends who supported me in those first few weeks, two amazing lactation consultants, and a wonderful support group.  I have learned so much the past few months about breastfeeding I never knew.  Malayna is now sleeping a lot better (yay!), and is quite content when she is a full belly and is well rested.  In fact I’m amazed how long she can stare at her birdies in her bouncer for.  She definitely gets her patience from her Daddy. I knew Sam would be a good dad from his interactions with all the children around us, but am still amazed everyday at his love, devotion, and care for Malayna.  She is quickly becoming a Daddy’s girl and I do not blame her.  She is always very still and content when around him.

This is Malayna “May-may”, “Mimi”, “Maymers” “Lay lay,” at around three months–

A run down on her personality thus far:

Loves: Loves bath time (she will sit in the bath forever if we let her even when the water turns cold, loves being carried in the Ergo carrier, greatly enjoys morning times, and most recently blowing on her belly (got her first laughs doing that).

Hates: Still not enjoying tummy time, being overtired, sleeping through the night ;), when mommy and daddy try to get boogers out of her nose, and cradle cap (well maybe she doesn’t hate it but mom does 🙂 ).

You like my do?

Daddy's long lashes

3 months! getting bigger everyday

What you talkin' about Willis

More to come!!!

2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Oh katie i love the blog! Absolutely love the adorable pics too. Cece is so blessed to have may for a cousin and you and sam as her aunt and uncle. Great reading for our middle of the night nursing. 🙂 Cant wait to read more!

  2. So beautiful! I love keeping up with your blessings! I would like to see little May,may in person again soon! We are off and free this weekend. We can babysit! 🙂
    Love you!

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